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Softball Saskatchewan and Bridge City Umpires are actively recruiting for umpires for the 2023 season. 

Warman will be host to a Softball Saskatchewan Umpire Clinic on Sunday, April 16th

The clinic will run from approx 9 - 12pm.

During the online registration process, you will be asked which clinic you want to attend.  We strongly encourage all first-year umpires to attend an in-person clinic but if they absolutely cannot they can choose to take the online clinic where they are required to watch 5 modules. 

Once the umpires have completed their clinics they can take the exam.  The exam is not available right now as we are waiting for Softball Canada.  It should be available end of February.  

For more information about umpiring and to register as an umpire, please follow the link


Another option to become a certified umpire is to register with Bridge City Umpires in Saskatoon 

Saskatoon Bridge City Umpire's Association is looking to recruit a new Umpire's for the upcoming season. They have a lot of different programs to assist New Umpire's in getting started, both financially and we train them to succeed. If interested: Please use the information below to start the process. Great way to earn extra money.

Thank You to all that show interest.
Please contact:
Darryl Fiala 306-270-5798
Leo Mareschal 306-290-8323
Mike Kosteniuk 306-717-1444